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Van Insurance, what is it? It is an insurance that secures a policy holder from paying any loss due to some unforeseen damage and accident to the van. It is almost similar to car insurance, but the risks involved in it are different as van has different uses than a car. In UK van insurance is necessary to hold up a valid policy to drive on any public road.

Van insurance comes in various different levels of cover. To name a few, fully comprehensive van insurance, third party only van insurance, third party fire and theft insurance.


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  1. Fully Comprehensive cover - This includes the loss of or damage to your vehicle that may be caused by accidental or any other damage. This also includes the third party fire and theft.

    Third party fire and theft cover – This cover covers the risk of fire and theft in connection with your vehicle and also covers against the third party risks.

    Third party only cover – This covers your liability for death or injury to a third party and for damage to third party property and hence it is the most basic van insurance.

    Some van insurers also provide add-ons cover which enables you to get your van fully protected. These add-ons cover includes cover for locks, keys, windscreen, fixtures and audio equipments.

    While receiving van insurance quotations, it must be checked whether there are any limitations regarding the engine size or maximum weight of the van insured or is there any restrictions on the usage i.e. sole trader or business purposes or solely for domestic purposes. And in addition to that you also need to check if an insurer provides multi-vehicle discounts, only if you are planning to have more than one van.

    Cheap van insurance

    It is very important for you to find that from where you get the cheapest van insurance in UK, which should also be of a high quality and reap you more benefits of insuring.

    Before purchasing insurance for your van, you first need to identify the purpose of insuring it. Requirement of insurance by law is one definite reason. You need to think the other reason for which you fear that your van should be insured against.

    If you think it is the life of your passenger, then you need to have insurance against the risk of death and other physical injuries. If you think it is your honor and dignity along with third person’s life, then you should go for the third party insurance. And if you think that your van is the value then you should get insurance for van against the risk of loss.

    You can also go for insurance against the risk of business losses, if it is the sole source of your family income. After recognizing the purpose for insuring your van, you need to identify your budget. Take time to research well about various insurance policies, their terms and conditions. It is recommendable to hire a trusted broker who will help you getting an appropriate insurance keeping in mind your budget.

    Cheaper Van insurance in UK by Comparing Best Insurers 

    If you are a van driver in UK, then you will definitely need van insurance for your vehicle. In UK having an uninsured van is illegal. Van insurance is almost similar to other car or vehicle insurance but with a slight difference. Insuring you van frees you from the tension of losses suffered if your van encounters some unforeseen accident.

     If you are a small businessmen dealing with vans, you would like to insure your vans. But you may end up paying more for their insurance from what you should have paid. It is possible to get your van insured that too at a very cheap rate. But this requires time and efforts. Be ready to invest them.

     If you have already been insuring your vans from a company, and you find that you can get much better deal than what they are offering. You can try and change your insurance company. Consider some other insurance company that can offer you good facilities of insurance and at a cheaper rate. Why should you pay more, if you can get better services and a cheaper policy from somewhere else?

     If you have already insured you home, car or other valuable items. You can take help of that agent to guide you with the cheaper van insurance.

     After deciding to change your insurance company, spend good time searching various insurance companies and comparing their prices and benefits that they offer to the policy holder. It may be a little bothering for you, but this effort will be worthy if you get the best policy at a cheaper rate. You can use internet for your research work as it will be more convenient.

     While purchasing insurance, it is essential to keep in mind that you do not purchase insurance that you don’t require. In simple words, purchase that insurance policy that is essential for securing your business and van. Simply purchasing policies more than what is required, will only build up the cost. If you are not using that cover, or you don’t need that insurance, then it is worthless paying for it.

     It is advisable to have basic van insurance. It includes coverage for the van, people involved in the mishap, assets of the van and the driver too. One can even go for insuring cargo that the van will be carrying in order to cover the loss suffered by the robbery or any physical damage to the goods.

     Some insurance agencies consider your residing location while planning your premium. So you can opt for living in a safer area or living near your workplace in order to lower the premium amount.

     In short, when you are looking forward to insure your van and at a cheaper rate, it becomes essential to evaluate against what you are planning to insure your business and van and what type policy you will require. Based on this basic evaluation, you can find the best cheaper policy easily matching your requirement. But it is essential to remember that the policy that you will choose should be able to cover the loss effectively.


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    A right kind of insurance policy is very important for any person who is starting to drive a van or is already driving a van. It is not only important but it is compulsory in UK. It is a criminal offence there if you have not insured your vehicle. You will have to pay the fines or penalty points in case you have not insured your van. It is not only the law that has made it mandatory but your morality also makes it compulsory for you. Can you imagine the losses that you may have to bear in case of some accident and you have not insured your van? Will you be able to pay for the damages that some third party may have to bear in case of accident with your van? You must remember one thing that when you are driving on road then the life and property of other persons are at stake. It is not only you and your family that will bear the consequences of an accident rather there are other persons also that may have to face the problems.

     The van insurance not only provides assistance in case of an accident but it also provides cover to the van itself from any kind of loss. You should be extremely careful while selecting the right insurance cover for your van. There should be proper evaluation of the insurance amount as purchasing insurance policy with very small policy amount may not prove to be useful in case of need. And you should also make sure to pay for the premiums on time as a failure in doing so will cause a lapse in the policy and you get nothing from a lapsed insurance policy. In order to find out a suitable policy for your van you need to ask yourself some simple questions. You should ask yourself about the kind of insurance policy that you need for your van. Do you need a comprehensive van insurance policy or you need third party insurance of third party fire and theft van insurance policy? If your budget is small or you have started a new business then you require a cheap insurance policy or commercial van insurance policy.

    Third party van insurance is the best option in such cases. The premium amount that you will pay in case of the third party van insurance will be the minimum amount that you will pay for abiding the legal requirements. This kind of van insurance policy will cover the losses that may happen to other people or to the property of other person or to the vehicle of other person. This van insurance policy does not provide any cover to you and your van. This is the reason that it is called as third party insurance. There are many categories in third party van insurance also for instance third party comprehensive van insurance policy or third party fire and theft van insurance policy. The third party comprehensive van insurance policy is the least cheap policy among the other forms of third party van insurance, as this policy also provides additional coverage such as legal cover and medical cover.

    Van Insurance UK

    Van insurance is a very important thing. In the past insuring your van involved lot of time to find a suitable policy for your van. You had to visit the offices of different van insurance companies or indulge in long telephonic conversations with the insurance agents in order to find out the most suitable policy for your van.   

    And even after taking so many efforts you were not sure whether you have selected the best policy for your van. But now this has become quiet easier. Now most if the van insurance companies are providing their services online. So you can find out the suitable policy for your van sitting in the comfort of your home. This thing has increased the competition between the van insurance companies.

    Earlier you used to insure your van from the company that was situated in your locality but internet has made it possible that you can insure your van from any insurance company of the country and you even don’t need to approach the office of that company. This thing has started the cut throat competition among various van insurance companies. It is always advisable to compare the quotes of different van insurance companies before taking insurance policy for your van in order to find out the most suitable and cheapest van insurance policy for your van. There are many comparison sites that are opened for this purpose.

    These van insurance comparison websites are also called as cost compare websites and are really easy to use. These cost comparison websites not only provide help in making comparisons between different van insurance quotes but you can also find the answers of your questions related to van insurance in these web sites. Such as whether your wife can drive your commercial van or not or whether you need cover for the contents of your van. You can find the answers of all your questions related to van insurance in these web sites.

    There are a number of insurance companies that are listed in these van insurance comparison sites. You can find the quotes of the most trusted and famous van insurance company on these sites and you may also find the quotes of newly established insurance company of whom you may not even have heard the name. This thing also helps you as the smaller van insurance companies are always hungry for new customers on order to expand their business and these companies provide attractive discounts to the customers so as to attract them. These van insurance comparison sites also provide their own special packages for van insurance to the customers. If you are not happy with your first van insurance company and you want to change it the next time then also the van insurance comparison sites help you in this regard. Van insurance comparison sites are of great help in order find out the cheaper policy for your van.


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